Entertainment – experiences that affects you. To create memorable and client unique experiences we use entertainment that offers different forms of expressions such as music (classical to heavy metal), magic, dance, acrobatics, humor, show, MoCs, Hosts/Hostesses, actors etc.


Entertainment experiences

Involve us at an early stage in the planning process, so that we can create and produce entertainment experiences that fulfils your vision.

  • We create an entertainment concept for your event based on the purpose the entertainment is expected to fulfil and how it is supposed to affect the audience; create a certain atmosphere – formal/relaxed, enhance a message, inspire, reward, celebrate a specific occasion, raise memories/nostalgia.
  • We can give you suggestions regarding only one performance or a complete entertainment experience that creates a frame to the whole event; for example a journey in time based on the company’s history in connection to an anniversery, or enhancing a specific topic.
  • We work with both well known stars, as well as entertainers who are less well known – however they are all top notch.
  • We work with set constellations or put together unique combinations. These combinations can consist of entertainers within the same genre or entertainers working with different expressions.
  • We add AV equipment, decor, costume, make-up etc. to the performance in order to create the perfect and client unique experience.
  • We always care for the complete experience of your event irrespectively if we at Experianza work with only some small details or the entire event.

Let us creat your next entertainment experience!


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Photo: David Bicho