Irrespectively of the form or extent of the event or experience you are planning, we always start with you, our client and your vision and expectations. To create client based experiences we go through the following steps:


1. The need/the purpose

What is the purpose with the event?

Build your brand, reward your staff or your clients, spread a message, celebrate a special occasion or event etc?

Expectations on the entertainment?

What purpose should it fill? How do you wish the audience/guests to be effected by the entertainment? What impressions do you want the guests to bring with them? What kind of entertainment have you had at previously events and what are your experience from that?


2. Circumstances

Where is the event to take place?

In what city and in which venue?

When is the event takning place?

What date, hour and at what extent?

How is the event to be carried out?

Will the audience/guests be seated or standing or both? Is it a standing minglingevent, a seated 3-course dinner or a buffet dinner? How will tables and chairs be placed in the room? Is there a stage and AV equipment available at the venue? What conditions apply to set-up, soundcheck etc. at the venue? What access will you have to the venue?

Who are the participants at the event?

Age, gender, education, occupation, nationality, division between men and women? How many participants will there be in total?


What budget frames are there to be considered?


3. Proposal

Based on the purpose and given circumstances we give you a proposal with suggestions regarding the accomplishement of the event, the entertainment experience.


4. Accomplishment of the event

During the accomplishment of the event we will have at least one producer present to secure the quality and make sure that everything will run smoothly from set-up of AV equipment, sound-check, rehearsals etc. until the closing of the event and after all the guests have left the venue. Through the event order/running schedule, we have developed together before the event, we will manage the different parts of the event and we will coordinate all parts involved: serving of food, speeches to be held and entertainment. To make sure that they will take place according to plan.


5. Follow-up

After the event we always follow-up with you, our client, to receive your feed-back on the process and the result.


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Photo: David Bicho