At Experianza we produce and create entertainment experiences for B2B, at both small scale and large scale events. It can be for example dinner events, congress openings or closings, banquets, reward ceremonies, anniversaries, product launches, concerts or similar.


Our task – from a small part to the whole event

Our task is adjusted based on your requirements. We are flexible and can take an overall reponsibility of the event or just be responsible for one or a few selected parts.

  1. We can produce and carry through only the entertainment experience that can consist of one performer to a complete show with a host, live music, singers, dancers and acrobats.
  2. We can act as producer of the entire event. We produce events where we are responsible for all contents and bookings. Or events where we only provide parts of the contents and bookings.
  3. We also act as producer for events where our sole focus is the accomplishement of the event.



In our role as producer the following tasks are often included:


  • We can be responsible for the budget for the whole event or for specific parts.
  • We develop an entertainment concept for the event.
  • We handle all bookings of entertainers, AV equipment, stage, decor and sometimes also booking of the venue, food and beverages.
  • We participate at meetings with our client, the venue, the caterers, the technicians etc.
  • We create a running schedule/event order that will secure a smooth flow and dramaturgy during the event.
  • We create a running schedule for set-up and sound-check/rehearsals.
  • We inform all parties involved regarding the running schedule as well as the schedule for set-up and sound-check/rehearsals.
  • We create a good climate for cooperation.


  • We have the responsibility on site to make sure that everything works from set-up until after the guests have left and all is taken down again.
  • Controlling the flow and communication with for example the head waiter, entertainers, technical staff, host, speakers during the event.
  • We are prepared to handle unexpected situations.

After the event:

  • We follow-up with our client regarding our task during the event from the process of preparation to the accomplishement.
  • When we are responsible for the budget, we make sure that all invoices from suppliers are correct.
  • We will collect all the costs and produce a detailed invoice to our client including all services provided by Experianza.


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Photo: David Bicho